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“Every country has serious problems, so to keep those problems from spreading all around the world, they decided that each country should solve its own problems by itself.”

This concept was so interesting to me and I really wanted to focus on it in today’s blog post. I feel that I talk about politics far too much for a creative writing class, but here we go again. I feel that this is very relevant to what is currently occurring in our world today, but it is the complete opposite. While it is true that every country has its own set of serious issues, it seems to all be blending together, and affecting all other countries. For example the Vietnam War, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and most recently the US Presidential election. In the hopes of me not getting too far off topic, I thought that Tawada did an outstanding job of creating a world in which a country goes through the ultimate crisis of nuclear apocalypse and instead of dragging other people in and “spreading the issue further” they close off their borders and confine themselves to the hell that has been created. The world she creates, and the characters she crafts do such a phenomenal job of carrying out the story and portraying the pain of a country in a deep state of crisis. I was trying to imagine what our country would be like if America were to contain our issues, and not pull anyone else in, and I feel like it would solve SO many issues especially if our President weren’t allowed to take his personal issues to Twitter. Such a fascinating concept.

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