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In this poem, Szymborska writes about the destruction war can cause and the time and healing the effects of the war have, but with that comes the beginning of a new life. The overall choice of words by the implies the serious narrative to this poem, thus pulling the reader visualize and feel the effects a war would bring.

Someone got to shove
the rubble to the roadsides,
so the cars loaded with corpses
can pass.

The repetition and use of the word someone in this poem, follow with a task shows the time and effort that ANYONE would feel and witness after the war.

I think the ending of this poem is the most haunting as Szymborska writes about how little new generations don’t realize about the hardships and effects a war had, and how that information is lost over time when those generations die.

In the grass that has overgrown
causes and effects,
someone must be stretched out
blade of grass in his mouth
gazing at the clouds.

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