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Exercise 3

Write a story that begins with one of these images as the inspiration for the first scene and ends with a second image as the inspiration for the final scene. You should attempt to include as any of the small details in those images as you can as a means of evoking the physical world you’re creating in your story. These works are by the photographer Gregory Crewsdon. Feel free to do a little research about his work and the methods he uses to create them. (Click on the images to see larger versions.)
20160121-lens-crewdson-slide-EFN5-superJumbo 20160121-lens-crewdson-slide-2F6T-superJumbo 20160121-lens-crewdson-slide-LFQC-superJumbo 20160121-lens-crewdson-slide-UTX2-superJumbo 2000.70_ph_web-1 2002.30_ph_web-1 20160121-lens-crewdson-slide-C3X2-superJumbo

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