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I didn’t appreciate this novel as much as I hoped I would due to the title. While I do agree with other blog posts that this is supposed to be a novel about two liberated women overcoming hardships and pursuing their careers, I don’t this book is as feminist as it should be.

I think Huda is mean to Yvonne. If this is supposed to be a novel about two women helping each other and being supportive, then WHY does Huda has all of these unspoken insecurities about Yvonne. If she was friends with Yvonne, she wouldn’t think of these mean things. Huda us a confusing character as well. While she states she doesn’t want marriage or children, she puts herself in these situations.

I don’t care if he makes me pregnant, I can get an abortion

In addition to this, I HATED how this novel portrayed men. While this does noel does show how women are considered inferior to men (as we can see about that on p. 50), Yvonne and Huda use these men for their sexual pleasure and anterior motives. These women use sex as a means for revenge and to have men sick around.

The last quick thing I want to touch upon is Yvonne. I think she was the best character in this novel and I relate to her a little. I wish that we had a little more of an ending with her, as there are a lot of questions left unanswered. I felt sad about the kind of views she held about men. I think the best example can be seen in the beginning when she paid for Lucio’s meal and then let him do whatever he pleased to her.

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