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The voice mentions moments of beauty and joy that infuses the poem, as if to say that there can be unity and hope in journey that seem hopeless.

“And the sky calm like sea when it sleep

and a breeze like a laugh follow mi.

Or the man find a stream that pure like a baby mind

and the water ease down yu throat

and quiet ya inside.”

However, while there is beauty around this road the traveler has to notice it and look for it if they want to experience it. Nothing is one emotion. Often at the pinnacle of happiness there is still a slight bitter undertone, and in the deepest despair beauty can be found if one looks. I also particularly like how the voice didn’t tell the readers what was at the end of this road. It leaves the story open to ring out into the world instead of being contained with in the poem. The language adds to the poem because it gives the reader a dialect and a voice to pair with the words coming off the page. I think this is particularly true in The Road of the Dread. This voice reminds me of an African American gospel song.

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